Stop Motion Madness

When I was a kid I was always obsessed with sticky note half-ass flip book animations. I used to make hundreds of them, mainly in class to take the pain away from boredom of school. Around 7th grade a met a friend who was into computer animations, so we got together and started to animate on flash and make these cartoons and every day before school we would go to the library and copy tons off them and sell em for 25 cents a pop. After all that i started to get into stop motion photography, but never made any of my own, maybe cause i could afford a camera seeing that i was living off of off brand ritz and cheese wiz. When you don’t have you imagine and with the advent of youtube people all over started making stop motion clips, like the artist Blu, i did a post on his piece not to long ago. You can do a search for “stop motion” and I’m sure you can find something ill. I found this just now and its sick. If you played any Mario then peep this.


Super Mario Beads Stop Motion – By lefvandebilder/youtube





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