Rice Box Wednesday (EVERY WEDNESDAY)

So every Wednesday around 7 pm near Dunlavy & Westhiemer at the Rice Box Truck Across from SELECT Skate shop you’ll see some of Houston’s finest steady rollin’ in. Every turn out is a new show if you’ve never been. Come check it next Wed (12/17/14) and support your local scene. If you see the drones flyin’ hi’ then you know Texmob be out guzzlin’ it up.

For more information about Rice Box Truck, Select and Ricer Wednesdays click them links below

Local video edited by: Taout Photography, check em’ here. Flickr/taout_photography

Rice Box dot Com


#Texas Tracks to #Texmob

So over the past year now I’ve been taking a series of photos titled “Texas Tracks”, all paying homage to the outlaw paint can slingers of US, Mecio and maybe even Canada on occasion. All the photos are taken on various Canon cameras and then uploaded to Instagram with the handle #TexasTracks, but with the reanimation of the infamous crew TexMob all photos will now be hash tagged #TexMob. With the un retired name of TexMob there will soon be a new Website geared towards what you want to fucking see and read. So stay tuned and peep us on Instagram #HSI.



Blue Line

Tristan Barrier



Red Blob Freight


Photo Barracks #TEXMOB

It’s been established, a ______ is in the works to promote local “Texas” events. From Graffiti, Motorcycles and Cars, to Extreme sports we got you covered. While your contimplating whats next, peep some photos in the barracks so you get an idea of whats to come. #TEXMOB. It’s back in full effect. Reckless, drunken behavior is whats to come……

FB 3

FB 7



Red Blob Freight


Mr. Cap in the Houston Chron

While the “I’m Bout To Blow” ALL ISM music video gets edited through Premier on the daily, Cornelius A. Pratt better known as (Mr. Cap) is traveling the globe jumping from event to event blowing up the new album “ALL ISM”. So while he travels city to city, continent to continent and while you sit on your computer you might as well: read the full article HERE.



“Good news, rap fans. Cornelius A. Pratt, better known as the rapper Mr. CAP, is heading back to the Bayou City.

(Mr. CAP is one of many artists to shape Houston’s esteemed rap scene. Check out the gallery above to see which other rap acts rep the Space City.)

Pratt spent the past two years ago in California and Nevada doing computer programming while also getting his business venture, which would assist aspiring musicians, afloat. But his stage time didn’t take a backseat to his day job. All the while, Pratt continued to perform at nights as a member of South Park Coalition, a Houston-based hip-hop collective.

But now, the 40-year old Pratt is back in Houston.

“It took me awhile to realize how tied into Houston music I was,” Pratt says. “My mother was a musician, my dad and his brothers were musicians.”

With the release of his album “All Ism,” Pratt hopes to establish himself as a recording artist in Houston. The album itself draw from his musical roots here in the Bayou City.

Get the full interview and learn what fellow local rapper K-Rino has to say about Pratt’s career move” – Houston Chronicle.



Dallas PSP Day One | Spantastik™

Drastic weather changes, raging fans, falling towers, broken necks, dislocated shoulders, and a ass ton of paintball all coming atcha full blast. So as I say KEEP THEM LIDS PEELED! #SPANTASTIK #REPTHES #REPTHEH #2014DALLASPSP

Watch Day 1 here.


The 2014 PSP season kicked off with a bang coming in hot and heavy with amazing paintball action as the best in the world squared off to prove who is the best of the best! Make sure to like and subscribe for more PSP action and two more upcoming videos from PSP Dallas 2014 (Day 2 & Day 3) and just another of many reasons for you to stay tuned, stay dank, and as always, REP THE S!!!

Lights Off – SaneBeats

Filmed by:
Jonathan Spaniol
Bill Myers
Tristan Barrier

Edited by:
Jonathan Spaniol

Twitter: @spantastikmedia
Instagram: @spantastikmedia
Vine: @spantastikmedia


Mr.Cap On Fictional Reality MG™ Radio

Tune in those dials tonight and listen in for Mr.Cap and D.J. Crash on the mic live from FR Radio™. A local online radio station dedicated to the streets of Houston, and also bringing you the latest Hip-Hop news from all around the map.

FR Radio MG™


Keep them lids peeled for “I’m Bout To Blow” –  Mr. CAP – All Ism video comin’ atcha soon.





 FR Radio – “DJ Crashhh is a native Houstonian who has had a passion for music all his life. He started a rap group with his friends that eventually changed into a singing group. In that time they sang for people such as AZ YET, Montel Jordan, and many more. Not really happy where his career was headed he turn to Martial Arts at his church. This lead into a successful career in fighting. But he couldn’t shake the music! A co-worker approached him about managing a rap group (Southern Gladiators) who later he signed them with Cinque Entertainment, Inc.

Having built a strong business relationship with CEO – Chris Nichols, DJ Crashhh became a DJ for Cinque. While working with SG he also picked up Click Tight and Stream. All of these artist are under Crashhh’s management ‘Notes Management and Promotions’. This wasn’t enough he wanted more so he started working for one of the top clubs in America. Widely know Hush Nightclub, where he met and hung out with top names in the biz such as…. Diddy, Timbaland, Nelly, Usher, Jermaine Dupri, Frankie J, LaToya Luckett, Pussy Cat Dolls, and the list goes on… As one of the resident DJs at Hush DJ Crashhh shared his love for music rockin the crowd. DJ Crashhh admires fellow DJs that helped him on this path… DJ LaRose, DJ Mav, DJ Albert, DJ Bizoni, DJ Kleancutt, DJ Real, DJ Goofy, and the world renowned DJ Cut Creator. Having worked for several clubs in Houston and 3 internet radio stations he continues his quest to bet the best he can be at his craft.”